Privacy and Safety

Privacy and Safety

All of the information you have entered, to become a member of our store Disassembled Furniture by 3. will not be shared with the company or party.

The members of the section and some periods of campaign information, information about new products, to send promotional information. Our members take me to all kinds of information like this can make while a member of the selection, and then choose the account information section after you log in, this can be changed.

Only you can access all the information that you provide while a member and you can change it. If you maintain your secure member login to others information about you and it is not possible to change them. For this purpose, membership transactions are 128 bit SSL security field during the movement within.In this system it is possible to break an encryption standard that a non-international.


The company, the owners of the shopping sites shopping credit card security first. Credit card information is not stored in our system in any way.

When you enter a secure site you are to understand the process of operations you should be aware that there are two things. One of them is the bottom line of your browser in a key or lock symbol. This shows that you are on a secure website, and all types of information will be encrypted and protected. This information, however, depending on the direction of the sales operations process and your instruction is used. Shopping information about shopping with a credit card that is used at the sites, regardless of the 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol with encrypted and delivered to the Bank for questioning.The availability of the card, if approved, continue shopping. No information is saved with the görüntülenemediğinden by us and third parties in any circumstances the information capture.

Online credit card orders with payment/invoice/delivery address, the reliability of the information by the company credit cards Fraud ' na is regulated against.That's why, for the first time in order to supply customers, giving orders, shopping sites, and delivery to the stage of first financial and the approval of the accuracy of the address/phone information is required.This information is necessary for the control of the credit card holder with the customer or contact the relevant Bank.
Information line or the customer service address and phone information as specified by the open İnternet shopping sites are more preferred nowadays. In this way, you can get detailed information about all subjects, that plugs into the online shopping service, you can learn more about the company that provides the reliability and healthy.


Note: Internet shopping sites, is the company's open, we recommend to pay attention to your phone. If you're going to do all your shopping without checkout product, make a note of the store's phone/address information. If you do not trust, confirmed by telephone before shopping.




Our Customer services, as related to any order you send emails, never write your credit card number or passwords. The information contained in the emails can be viewed by third parties. Under no circumstances shall the safety information transmitted to our e-identities make guarantee.


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